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Tissue Culture Plant at Pushp biotech & Farms

PTC : Plant Tissue Culture

Our Expertise

State-of-the-Art Technology

Pushp Biotech & Farms has installed ultra-modern equipments which is a hallmark of the unit. If you visit the lab you will see why Pushp Biotech & Farms have been hailed as the best Tissue Culture Laboratory in North India. Apart from investing heavily in latest machines and equipments, the lab uses latest and innovative techniques, time trusted protocols, and world-class nurseries and irrigation facilities.

The Media Preparation Room, Autoclave Room, Media Storage Room, Inoculation Room and most importantly the Growth Room have been designed in such a manner which ensures that sterile and aseptic conditions are maintained which results in high quality of plants which are totally virus-free and healthy when transferred from the laboratory for hardening.

The Growth Room where plants are kept for multiplication and rooting initiation is totally automated. The light, temperature and humidity inside the Growth Room are controlled automatically from outside, which reduces the physical entry of staff inside the Growth Room.

The facility is under continuous CCTV surveillance, which ensures that quality norms are not compromised at any time.

The campus is also Wi-Fi enabled with internet connectivity.

Technological Inputs

Dr. Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni (Known worldwide as a trusted name in the field of Horticulture) is followed as a source of technologies. The studies conducted in the field of biotechnology and Horticulture is closely observed and is being followed in our laboratory. Time to time many scientists and field professionals visits our laboratory and their guidance is taken into consideration for improvement in the present methods followed by us. Many apple field experts like present and former Vice Chancellors from Dr Y S Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni, Solan (HP) have also visited the our laboratories and their suggestions for the betterment of the future of our laboratory is being taken into consideration. Each and every apple grower visited our nurseries are surprised to see the quality of rootstocks and are lifting the plants with full satisfaction.

Our structured efforts, collaborations and the exchange of technology with Horticulture Department, Universities and field specialist have helped us to reach remarkable production of over 2 lakh rootstocks plants in the field condition in first year.

World-Class Hardening Facility and Hi-Tech Nursery

From the successful micro propagation, in vitro initiation culture system and culture proliferation, the development of an ideal nursery plant is one of our specialties. As we know that failure to keep pests under control may cause rejection of all lots maintained in the facility, therefore our Laboratory and greenhouse facilities used for production of plantlets are maintained free of pests or vectors of plant pathogens. Here, all the hardening or growth media is sterilized and water sources used in the laboratory or greenhouse operation is treated or otherwise rendered free of all possible pathogens by the applicant. Hygienic conditions are strictly observed during micro propagation, hardening, planting, irrigating, movement and use of equipment and other laboratory and greenhouse practices to guard against the spread of diseases or pests in the facilities used for apple plant multiplication.

“Hardening” is the process of acclimatization of the plant in the harsh natural condition and outside environment. This stage is most critical as the plant is transferred from the lab (where temperature, humidity and light are regulated) and only a healthy plant will be able to survive the natural environment. Majority of the mortality is plants occur at this stage in plant propagation. Our hardening facility is world-class and attention has been given to the minutest detail. The Hardening Chamber has been designed in such a manner that ensures lowest mortality and highest survival of the plants in the natural environment.

We boast of a very healthy survival rate of over 95%. This survival rate is one of the most important USPs of our project.